Tuesday 24 March 2015

Where Can a Dumpster Be Placed?

One of the first questions we receive once a homeowner decides they need a dumpster is where to place it on their property.  Should it go in the driveway, in the yard or around back through the alley? 

Dumpsters can be placed in a variety of areas and most often are placed in the area that’s most convenient for you the homeowner.   We invite you to take a look at our dumpster placement page to see photos of different areas where dumpsters have been placed!

If your cleaning out the garage well the answer is easy we will place the dumpster as close to the garage as possible.  If your hauling items out the front door we will angle the dumpster so you have the shortest distance to walk.  If your tearing down a shed out back you will want the dumpster closest to that area.

In a perfect world we always try and place the dumpster on a solid surface such as a paved or gravel driveway.  This ensures despite a heavy rain or snow covered ground the dumpster wont move or sink into the surface.
Back yard by the barn?  Sure we can!

This isn’t always possible because of narrow single driveway or low power lines so when the need arises a dumpster can be placed on grass or a dirt surface.  Please be aware however this is not ideal situation as mentioned above. If there is a heavy rain or soft ground the dumpster could sink into the surface causing ruts or an uneven surface.

To better serve our valued customers Bin There Dump That Indianapolis offers a 100% driveway protection guarantee from scrapes or marks when we place the dumpster on a solid surface.  Our unique roll off and board system allows for peace of mind to our valued customers.

One thing to keep in mind however is a dumpster can’t be placed in the street without a permit.  The city of Indianapolis and many of the surrounding communities require a specific permit to place a dumpster on the street.  Be sure to check with your local government if a permit is needed where you live.

Town of Avon, Indiana

Town of Brownsburg, Indiana

City of Carmel, Indiana

City of Fishers, Indiana

City of Greenwood, Indiana

City of Westfield, Indiana

City of Zionsville, Indiana

At the end of the day the dumpster rental company wants to make sure the dumpster you order is properly placed and in a convenient location.  When ordering the dumpster discuss the options with the company and mutually decide the best and safest dumpster position for everyone!

Give us a call today at 317-590-1973 and we will be more than happy to discuss dumpster placement with you!