Friday 5 May 2017

Final 4 Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s that time of year, spring cleaning and baseball.  Being an Indianapolis based dumpster business located directly in the heart of the Hoosier state what better way to countdown our spring cleaning tips then with a Final 4 to get you motivated!

1.  Have a plan of attack

Are you cleaning the whole house?  Does your spring cleaning include just the garage?  Or does your spring cleaning involve getting the exterior of your house in shape?  Perhaps it’s all of the above?

Whatever your plan is write it down and stick with it!  Don’t try to do it all at once, dedicate a day to one particular area and get that completed before moving on to the next task.  Start with the easiest one first and move on from there.

If you need help with one area, for example moving heavier or items or reaching a tall crevice make sure you have help or the proper tools lined up and ready to go to make your job easier and the safest possible.  In addition plan ahead, don’t wait till the last minute if you need a dumpster rental or truck to haul away unwanted items!
The 10-yard dumpster for spring cleaning 

2.  Reuse or Recycle When possible

As you start your spring cleaning process discard of any items that are broken or no longer work properly.  This will make your cleaning faster and easier.  However if there are some items that may be able to used by others think of donating them.  There are plenty of charitable organizations looking for unwanted items for less fortunate individuals.  Do you have a creative side, try repurposing some items such as old toy boxes, display shelves or older furniture.  Not only will this help clean your property but also be a great binding time with family and friends.

3.  Watch the weather

As we all know spring can mean not only warmer temperatures but also rainy days.  If your planning on working outside check the weather forecast.  Perhaps your mulching your flower bed, planting flowers or trimming trees the last thing you want to do is get soaking wet.  While outside some other areas to include in your spring cleaning to do list is clean your gutters, check the outside faucets and look for any loose or missing shingles from the spring storms!

4.  Don’t Procrastinate, Get it Done!

Before you know it kids will be out of school and summer will be here!  Don’t put off your spring cleaning get it done sooner than later!  You will be happy you did!  The spring is also a great time to have your lawn mower serviced, bike chains greased and outside furniture touched up or repainted.  Take advantage of the warmer temps now and enjoy your summer and put the spring cleaning behind you!

These tips will help your spring cleaning be a great success and in the long run you will be happy you got it done and over with!  We invite you to check out the rest of our Blogs with more tips to help you around the house at,