Tuesday 8 December 2015

Cleaning out the Garage for the Winter

This unseasonably warm weather in the Indianapolis area has residents not fully acknowledging winter is here.   So there’s no need to clean out the garage then so you can park your car(s) in there, right?

Lets not be fooled the colder weather is coming just not as early as years past!  In this weeks blog we are going to take a look at several things to do when cleaning out the garage for the winter months ahead.  Often times our garage is looked at as a catch all for unwanted or unused items causing unwanted clutter and chaos.
Do you need to make room in your garage this winter? 
First and foremost make the items you will need this winter easy to get to.  Items such as, snow shovels, salt for the sidewalks and children’s sleds and skates.  Place these items where you and the kids can easily get to them.

Make sure there is room on either side of the car to get easily in and out of.   There is nothing worse than trying to open your car door just wide enough to slide in with all your belongings and think winter clothes.

Third put away all the spring and summer items you won’t be using.  If there is an attic place them there, if you have a basement that would work as well.  You will have several long and cold months where these items will be of no use to you so go ahead and put them away.

Finally cleaning out your garage is a great chance to dispose of items you no longer use, items that are broken or items that can be donated.  Think of it as an opportunity to purge all these unwanted items from your garage. 

When cleaning out the garage and you find a large amount of items you need to dispose of, give us a call at 317-590-1973.  As a family owned and operated business we welcome the opportunity to deliver one of our clean and green dumpsters to help truck away the clutter and mess!