Tuesday 27 February 2018

Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Guide

Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Guide

If you have never rented a dumpster before you may think its gong to be a daunting task!  Don’t be alarmed, we will simplify the process for you in this weeks blog article about renting a dumpster in the Indianapolis area.

When doing your research there are three simple questions for you to ask yourself that we will break down in this article.  Once you have answered these five simple questions about your dumpster needs the rest will be as simple as hitting the easy button!

20-Yard Dumpster for Home Remodel
What Items will you place in your dumpster?

Our dumpsters are used for a variety of disposal needs.  What is your particular need for the dumpster?  Are you replacing a roof, cleaning out a garage, removing junk or cleaning up from a flood or fire?  It’s important to now what types of items you are disposing of to make sure they are permitted with the rules and regulations.  Most construction debris, household items and other miscellaneous junk should be fine, however there is a list of hazardous items that aren’t permitted.  We invite you to check out the link below which clearly define the items that aren’t allowed.

2.     Where would you like the dumpster placed?

When ordering a dumpster you will want it placed in the area that’s most convenient for you!   Think of the path that will be the shortest distance from where the trash and debris will be coming from.  Sometimes this will mean you will want the dumpster placed by the garage others times the easiest route may be near the front walkway near the front door.  One thing that is important when deciding the location is to make sure its on solid ground.  As you fill the dumpster with debris it will get heavier however your friends at Bin There Dump That – Indianapolis use a unique driveway protection system so the bin will never touch your property!  Check out the video link here, which shows our unique delivery and driveway protection process.

3.     When do you plan on filling the dumpster?

A typical service period for a dumpster rental in Indianapolis is 7 days.  Some people prefer to do the work over a long weekend, others like the bin placed early in the week then fill it at their leisure over the course of 7 days.  What ever your preference is we can make it work with your schedule.  Our delivery experts delivery the bins 6 days a week Monday through Saturdays and also pick up the full dumpsters any of those days as well.  When ordering a dumpster for your Indianapolis area home be thinking of the time frame that will work best for you!  If you get done sooner that’s not a problem we will be more than happy to come back sooner to pick up the bin.

See it’s almost as simple as hitting the EASY button when you need to order a dumpster in Indianapolis!  Simply call your friends at Bin There Dump That – Indianapolis and they will have one delivered to your house or commercial building same day!  Call 317-590-1973 and one of the friendly receptionist will get all your info, its that simple!