Tuesday 3 March 2015

Do Items put in the Dumpster Get Recycled?

We get this question asked to us all the time, do the items that I throw in the dumpster get recycled?  As a family owned and operated business located in Indianapolis with a young son of our own we are very conscious about the environment and recycle whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The one thing to keep in mind is not all items can be recycled and what can be recycled will often vary from not only state to state but also city to city.  Here in Indianapolis there are 3 major items that we recycle on a regular basis.

Shingles Can Be Recycled and turned into Asphalt Roads
The first item, which we can recycle and may seem odd to some, are shingles.  How many of you plan on getting a new roof or have had your roof replaced in the last 5 years?  Did you know that the shingles from your roof could be part of the pavement you drove on to go to work today?  Nearly all of the shingles that we collect through out the year are recycled and are reused.

To see if shingle recycling is permitted in your state check out the link below:

The second item we recycle on a regular basis are trees, limbs, shrubs and grass.  Did you know that the tree in your backyard that was struck by lightening could be used as mulch in your flower garden?  We work closely with several local landscaping companies to recycle clean yard waste into reusable items for your home.  Please keep in mind no trash can be mixed in with the yard waste and must be 100% clean of any miscellaneous debris.

Check out this Google Map for the closest Indianapolis landscape business to you:

Bricks can be repurposed for many home uses!
The final item, which can be recycled is concrete and brick.  Do you have any plans to tear down that old chimney or fire pit?  Perhaps your breaking up the concrete patio and replacing it with a wood deck?  Both concrete and brick are great items that can be reused for a second time.   Perhaps when its time to build a new fire pit of flower garden wall, think about using recycled brick!  The one key to remember though that it must be clean, meaning no paint of any sort on the concrete or brick in order for it to be recycled.

Below you will find the link to the National C&D Recycling Industry:

We take great pride in keeping Indianapolis clean and recycling when ever we can!  We ask that you do your part whenever possible.  If you have any questions on what other items may be recycled feel free to give us a call, 317-590-1973.

For more tips on recycling in Indianapolis check out their site at: