Thursday 19 October 2017

Indianapolis Garage Clean-outs: how to do it right!

Indianapolis Garage Clean-outs: how to do it right!
Are you struggling to declutter your mess? Read on to discover how a dumpster might help!

Clearing out your garage might be a daunting task. Perhaps, you haven’t really done anything with your old stuff in years, and it might be quite time-consuming to go through everything and finally take back your space.  Have you ever thought of renting a dumpster?

They say first impressions are everything so what will your garage look like the next time your garage door opens?  A dumpster rental may be just what the doctor ordered!

Does your garage look like this?
Are you in need of a dumpster to organize
all of this junk and clutter?
Having a nice garage space isn’t only just for the looks: a neat, tidy and clean environment offers many positive perks:

-     More space to do the things you actually wanted to do: A garage that’s better organized will appear a lot bigger, and you could do so much with all the space you can take back!

-     Frustrated of having to keep your car outside because it just won’t fit in your messy and cluttered garage? A free and tidy garage could finally be used to house your vehicle.

-     Less stress and more peace of mind in a tidy environment. Spending time in a messy environment is often linked to decreased productivity and stress. By removing all the clutter, you will also be able to make the most out of your garage space, particularly if you have a workstation or tool bench there!

-     Take back that work bench and complete your “honey dos”  Your spouse will thank you for it!

Clearing out your garage may seem a daunting task however when you rent a dumpster the task becomes a lot easier!   You might have a busy schedule with work and other commitments getting in the way but don’t worry the dumpster rental lasts 7 days so work at your own leisure!  Weekend dumpster rentals are also a great idea if you like to take advantage of Saturdays and Sundays!

These are some of the many positive reasons why you should rent a dumpster in the greater Indianapolis area!

Our dumpster order experts will certainly be able to guide you through the process and find the perfect size dumpster to meet your particular needs.

·      Get rid of the old junk you don’t want, you never know what you might find in the middle of all that mess! 
·      Make room for the car and the colder temperatures
·      Organize your holiday decorations
·      Rearrange your lawn mower and snow blower, make sure you have easy access to the one you need for the upcoming season!

If you have items in your garage that you may think our hazardous, check out the link below to answer your particular questions about items that aren’t permitted in a dumpster.

Garage clean-outs are more than just cleaning: by renting a dumpster you will be able to dispose of junk you haven’t used in years and finally take back the valuable space! 

Ordering a dumpster for your garage clean out is easy.  Simply give us a call at 317-590-1973 or fill out the dumpster order form on the website and we will call you!