Monday 7 March 2016

What do you value from a Business?

In a technological based world, where everything is at your fingertips, what do you truly value from a business in this day and age?  In this weeks blog we are going to ask you five questions to think about regarding this customer service topic.

Do you value a relationship with the company?

Think about going to your favorite restaurant in Indianapolis you frequent every month or so, say Capital Grill.  Do you enjoy being able to speak with the owner, do you know the owners name?  Do you appreciate the fact that the waiter or waitress, know your name?  Do you like the personalized “touch” by being called by name as opposed to being a number or just another customer?  Are you more tempted to go back to an Indianapolis business where they know you personally? 
What do you value from  a business?
What value prompts you to give a thumbs up?

Is same day service paramount?

In a world of need it now, how much value do you put on getting the item right away?  Does it depend on what the item is or if it’s a special request?  In a busy competitive marketplace like Indianapolis, would you purchase a new tv or hire a dumpster rental service from the company that can get you the item same day over having to wait for an item?

Is price the most important aspect?

Are you only interested in price or do you value the added benefits that come with the price?   Benefits such as easy return options, extended warranties or added perks. 

Do you prefer a locally or family owned and operated company?

Does having someone vested in the community like Avon, Brownsburg or Carmel Indiana make a difference when you value a business?  Does knowing they aren’t a big corporation and family owned and operated have value to you?  Do you value the purchase more knowing the money spent will be reinvested into your local community?

Does Made in America make a difference?

Often times we see companies outsourcing products overseas because of cheaper labor and material cost.  Locally we just saw that done with Carrier moving their Indianapolis plant to Mexico displacing over 3,000 jobs to Indianapolis area residents.  Would you stop buying from this company if they took jobs from your back yard?  Would you pay more knowing that the particular product is made in the good ole USA by hard working Americans?  All things considered equal would you pay more for a product knowing it’s made on US soil with American workers?

After asking your self these five questions are you more inclined to do business with a local Indianapolis company who’s products are made in the United States and are operated by a family style business?  Or is price the end all and the only thing you are worried about? 
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