Tuesday 29 September 2015

Best Priced Dumpsters

When shopping for junk removal in the Indianapolis area are you looking for the best priced dumpsters?  Not only do we offer the areas only driveway protection guarantee but we also offer competitive pricing with unheard of same day delivery!

When researching dumpster companies ask these questions:
·      What size dumpster(s) do you offer?
·      How many tons are included with the fee?
·      Do you charge a delivery and/or pick up fee?
·      How many days do I get the dumpster for?
·      How do you deliver the dumpster?
·      Do you protect the driveway?
·      Do you deliver the dumpsters same day?

Looking for the Best Priced Dumpster
in Indianapolis, give us a call.
For some customers they are simply looking for the best priced dumpster.  For others they may appreciate a family owned and operated business or they are looking for same day service as they need the dumpster fast.

Like any other purchase take your time and don’t be afraid to ask questions.  For a lot of our customers this is the first time they have a rented a dumpster and aren’t sure what size they will need for their particular project.  Remember the cheapest dumpster isn’t always the best and for those companies that advertise a low price there are often a lot of hidden charges involved.

Next time your in need of an affordable priced dumpster in the greater Indianapolis area give your friends at Bin There Dump That a call, 317-590-1973.  Make a list if questions and don’t be afraid to ask them all.  We would welcome the opportunity to serve you!