Wednesday 27 May 2015

Loading a Dumpster, the How to Guide

When renting a dumpster one of the key factors to maximizing the space is how to properly load it.  Loading a dumpster can be tricky depending on the weight, size and type of material being loaded.  Take a look at these three factors when loading a dumpster.

This shows an over filled dumpster
which can not be properly secured.  
First and foremost break any bigger or bulkier items down if possible.  Items such as a book case, shelving units and dressers can often times be broken into smaller pieces to maximize space in a dumpster.

Secondly load the front of the dumpster first then work your way back.  All dumpsters will have one or two rear doors to easily walk in and discard your items.  Avoid throwing items in over the top of the bin as its much harder to neatly arrange and make use of the dumpster space.  You may want to place any of the larger items near the front of the bin and also any items that may have smaller pieces, which could break off when other items are stacked on them.

Finally never fill the dumpster over the top of the unit.  When a dumpster is picked up it needs to be securely tarped to ensure the items do not blow away or fall out in transit to the waste facility.  All dumpsters are clearly labeled with a sign level load only sign, its vital for your discarded contents safety and those on the road that the dumpster company is able to secure the load properly.

When loading a dumpster remember these steps, in the long run it may not only save you time but also money!  If your in the greater Indianapolis area and need a dumpster for a residential or commercial project give us a call at 317-590-1973, we will be more than happy to accommodate your needs!